Another one of my favorites to shoot are plants and flowers. When we lived in Hawaii, our yard was filled with many tropical plants that made good subjects. We were on the "windward" side of the island where we'd get intense rain showers at least once or twice a day. Early one morning we had an especially intense shower around 6:30AM followed by a clear sky with the sun rising at a very low angle. I was able to get some interesting shots of some of our plants with water drops all over them.

The sunflower photos below are also from Oahu in a "secret" sunflower field in Haleiwa on the north shore. When we lived on Oahu, I found a great photography group on We got together a couple times a month for photo adventures. The secret sunflower field was one of those fun shoots we did together.

I also like cactus plants as you can tell! All of the cactus shots below are from Tucson area. The "fish hook" or "barrel" cactus has some really pretty yellow and orange flowers!

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