Below are some photos I took in downtown Edmonds in 2015 at the annual fireworks show. Edmonds is a really nice small town with lots of these "social" events. This event always draws a big crowd with horrible traffic so you need to get their early to stake out a good shooting spot.

I haven't taken many fireworks photos before but I got some good tips online. I had my camera on a tripod with a wide angle lens pointed up to where the fireworks would explode. I had the ISO set to 200, the lens aperture set to f11 and the shutter on "bulb" where I used my small wireless remote control to open and close the shutter. On average, the shutter was open about 3 seconds to catch the entire flight and explosion. Fireworks are actually very bright and it's very easy to overexpose the shots - you can't rely on the camera exposure meter to get it right and you need a long exposure to get the full effect. 

The good thing about this setup was I was not glued to the camera and missing out on the show. I was sitting in a chair with the remote in hand and using it to take the shots. Overall they turned our pretty good I thought. 

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