Biscuit Basin is very near Old Faithful. It's not as huge as some of the other geyser areas but it's not nearly as crowded and access is very easy. This area has several geysers that erupt every few minutes so there is always a nice show.

The Sapphire Pool is really amazing, The water is so clear - you want to just jump in but you have to remember the water is these hot springs is over 150 degrees and very fatal. The "bacteria beds"  (several inches thick) grow in the hot spring outflows are really interesting. They have very specific temperature ranges they like. The "hottest" ones are the brightest colors (yellows and oranges). The darkest colors are the cooler temps. The darkest brown ones are around 70 degrees where trout can actually survive as well. 

Speaking of color, the hot springs are that intense blue as they pick up and refract the blue sky. The water is actually very clear and colorless. These springs all have a very strong sulphur odor or are art least very earthy or "peaty" smelling. 

All the outflow from these hot springs runs into the rivers and out the Madison valley. These waters flow into the Firehole river that eventually flows into the beautiful Madison river that flows out of Yellowstone to the west-northwest into Montana that is a very famous fly fishing area.

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