About Me


Photography has been a lifelong hobby for me that started when I was about 13 years old. I grew up using fully manual film cameras and developing film and making black and white prints in a wet chemistry home darkroom. In my adult life, I later did my own color prints from slides and negatives at home. Trust me, today's "digital darkroom" is much easier to use!

I transitioned to full digital in 2003 shortly after my wife and I took an amazing trip to Africa to visit Ethiopia and Kenya and then Rome and Paris. I spent nearly $1200 on over a hundred rolls of film, developing, slides and prints on that trip. I realized I'd soon be money ahead to get a good digital SLR! On that trip, we had three film cameras and my first digital camera (first generation Canon Powershot G1) with a whopping 3.3 megapixels. I had all the film negatives and slides scanned when we had the film developed so all the photos were "digital" from that trip. 

I grew up in southern California and moved to Seattle in 1979 about a year after I graduated from college. My wife Bonnie and I met in Seattle in 1996 and got married in 2000. We moved to the island of Oahu in Hawaii in 2010 for a good job opportunity and lived there for about three and half years. While living in Hawaii, I started selling my prints at craft shows and local gift shops as a sideline to my "day job".  I have to say living in Hawaii really rekindled my passion for photography and got me very interested in sunsets and sunrises.

We moved back to Seattle in 2013 and really love living here again. We now live in Edmonds, Washington, just a half hour north of Seattle. Edmonds is right on the water (Puget Sound) and is a great place for sunsets. We have an adult son and two young grandkids (both boys) one of whom has caught the "shutterbug" virus and the other has caught the "engineer" virus, both I think I had something to do with :-).

I currently use a Nikon D-7200 DSLR with a variety of lenses. My "go-to" workhorse lens is a 17-55mm f2.8 DX Nikon zoom. It's big and a little heavy but it's a very versatile and sharp lens. I also use my 10-24mm f3.5 DX Nikon wide angle zoom a lot for sunsets and sunrises. I had a Minolta film SLR a long time ago but for the most part, I've always used Nikon SLR cameras. My first DSLR was the Nikon D-100, then I had a D-200 for many years followed by a D-7100 briefly before I got the D-7200. My current gear list is below if you are interested.

I do most of my own proof and small batch prints at home with a Canon PROGRAF PRO‑1000 inkjet printer that can make professional quality prints up to 17 x 22". Most of the prints I sell are "metal" or "acrylic" prints made by the online professional company Bay Photo (excellent quality and customer service).

Please feel free to contact me by email. You can also visit my social media pages on Facebook and LinkedIn

Current gear list:

  • Nikon D-7200 DX DSLR camera body (my primary camera body)
  • Nikon 17-55mm f2.8 DX zoom lens (my primary lens, 24-70mm equivalent)
  • Nikon 10-24mm f3.5 DX zoom lens (great wide angle zoom, 15-36mm equivalent)
  • Nikon 80-400mm f4.5 FX zoom lens and 1.4x teleconverter (great for birds and moon photos)
  • Nikon 60mm f2.8 FX macro lens (able to shoot at 1:1 magnification, 90mm equivalent)
  • Nikon 24mm f2.8 FX lens (compact "walking around" lens, 35mm equivalent)
  • Nikon 35mm f1.8 DX lens (50mm equivalent)
  • Panasonic GX-85 micro 4/3rds camera body (great for street shooting and 4k video)
  • Panasonic 12-32mm & 12-60mm lenses for the GX-85 (24-64mm and 24-120mm equivalent respectively)
  • Autel Robotics X-star Premium quadcopter drone with 12 MP still / 4k UHD video camera
  • Manfrotto 190CX Pro3 carbon fiber tripod with "joystick" head
  • Peak Design "everyday backpack" (best photo gear backpack I've ever used)
  • Canon PROGRAF PRO-1000 17" wide professional printer
  • Lightroom Classic CC for photo management and editing
  • Skylum Luminar 2018 for photo editing (just started using this)
  • Skylum Aurora HDR 2018 software for HDR editing (high dynamic range)
  • Apple 2016 Macbook Pro 15" laptop for editing