Although these shots are from all over, I thought it made sense to put them into a single "Night Shots" gallery. Like sunrises and sunsets, these can be technically challenging. You almost always need a tripod to keep the shots sharp and getting the right exposure can be a challenge as these kinds of shots are trouble even for the best auto exposure systems in the best cameras. Lots of trial and error shots to dial these in, especially the moon shots. A DSLR with an LCD screen makes it so much easier to get good shots compared to the "good old days" of film cameras. 

The collection of neon signs was from vacation to Tucson in September 2017. We were in downtown Tucson the first night to see Three Dog Night in concert (yes, they are still alive and performing!). They were at the old restored Fox theatre with a refurbished neon sign that was stunning.

I did some research and found the city of Tucson had a project several years ago to restore many of the old neon signs from the "Miracle Mile" highway in downtown Tucson. (Today, the "Miracle Mile" is a really seedy part of town). Most of those businesses are long gone, but the old neon signs were beautifully restored to their original glory. It took quite some planning to find these for my one night photo shoot.  I found that Google "street view" maps was very helpful to find these signs as they are spread all over downtown Tucson. 

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